Chair Bed Pros and Cons

A chair bed is very similar to a sofa bed. Instead of folding a mattress into a couch, you fold a smaller mattress into a chair. When folded up, a chair bed looks and acts like a chair. When opened up, it becomes a twin or full sized bed.

Chair bed pros:

  • One piece of furniture doubles as seating and a guest bed
  • The bed takes up much less space when not in use
  • A good alternative to a sofa bed if you need a smaller option

Chair bed cons:

  • The chairs tend to be bulky in order to hold a mattress and limits your style options
  • Not as comfortable as a normal chair

Are there other guest bed options?

Don't love the idea of putting up guests in your living room but don't have a dedicated guest room? There are guest bed options that allow you to unfold a mattress and turn any spare room into a guest room.

Roll Away Beds are designed to fold up and roll, so you can easily move a spare bed into any room. However, the steel frame and mattress aren't very attractive, and would have to be stored in a closet or garage when not in use. There is also the Mobile Bed, which folds the mattress into a stylish ornamental chest which you can use as a decorative piece when the bed is not in use. Like the name implies, the Mobile bed is also mounted on wheels, and can be rolled around and positioned easily.

See how a Mobile bed works!

How to open a mobile guest bed

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