When it comes to preparing a beach house or guest room, you have to know what kind of amenities your guests will need to ensure that they will “feel at home”. One of the best ways to know what it will be like for your guests is to sleep in the room & see if you are missing any amenities they might need or possibly ask for.

In addition, thinking about the type of amenities hotels provide can give you a good indication of what your guests need. To help you get started, here are the top 5 guest room amenities you need to make your guests feel right at home:

1. Clothes Basket

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A clothes basket is not a typical amenity you would think of when you hear the word "guest room", but it actually provides a convenient place for your guests to store any dirty, wet, or worn clothes. Imagine staying at a beach house and not having any place to store your wet & sandy clothes!

Even if your guests don't use your washer & dryer, they can at least have a place to store their worn clothes during their stay. This is especially helpful for guests who are staying for a longer period and will have time to build up dirty clothes.

2. Lamp near the bed

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This guest room essential is important because it provides bedside lighting for your guests if they don't want to use any overhead lighting fixtures. This saves your guests the trouble of getting out of bed to turn the light switch on or off on the other side of the room. In addition, a lamp next to the bed adds ambiance to the room and your guests will be able to do some bedside reading. 

3. Laundry Hamper with Towels

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Towels are an important amenity to provide for your guests in case they didn’t bring any or enough for their stay. A laundry hamper gives your guests the easy access to clean towels and a place for you to collect all the used towels for washing. To ensure that your guests are properly covered, you should prepare to have at least 2 body towels, 1 hand towel, 2 washcloths and a beach towel for each guest.

4. Mobile Bed

mobile bed

Mobile beds are a type of bed that folds into a cabinet. This type of transforming furniture can save your guests space during the day, which can be then folded out into a bed at night. In addition, they can be transported throughout the room or house with it's built-in wheels for easy reorganizing or storage. This is a great bed option when your number of guests can vary with each visit – need an extra bed? Just roll it out!

Other types of guest beds, like trundle beds or futons, take up valuable floor space when not in use. However, the dimensions of a mobile bed are much smaller when folded up & it becomes an ornamental chest which you can put against a wall as a decorative piece!

5. Alarm Clock

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Even though every smartphone has an alarm clock, it still helps to provide a digital clock for your guests next to their bed. Not only does it serve an important function, but it can also add style if it matches the theme of your guest room.

Lastly, alarm clocks these days serve multiple functions outside of telling the time and waking you up. They can play music from your phone via Bluetooth, charge your smartphone with built-in USB ports, and even use light-based alarms to simulate the sun rising for a more natural way of waking up.

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