Let’s face it, finding the perfect bed and mattress is a hassle. People are picky when it comes it beds and we don’t like to settle for just any bed especially since it’s the place where we spend a majority of our lives on. Likewise for a guest bed, you wouldn’t want to be cheap on your overnight guests by getting a bad mattress and bed frame. When it comes down to finding the best bed options for your guest room or home office it all comes down to room space, bed versatility and comfortableness.

Now, there is a difference between a bed fit for a spare room and one fit for a home office. Here is a breakdown of bed options between the two rooms:

Guest Room:

A Mobile Bed looks like a bedroom chest of drawers, but instead of drawers that come out, you have a bed and mattress. Mobile beds take up the least amount of floor space when they are folded up and they come on wheels for easy transportation within your house.

Murphy Chest Beds look exactly like a mobile bed except they have no wheels. They do compensate for their immobility by coming equipped with storage drawers and a queen-sized mattress.

A Wallbed is a versatile piece of furniture as it looks like a wardrobe cabinet but pulls down into a bed, either horizontally or vertically depending on your room space. It also can come equipped with two side drawers and even an attachable desk option.

Home Office:

Desk Beds offer a two-in-one solution for home offices as they can be a desk during the day and transform into a bed at night. These beds are a specialized version of the Wallbed. The mattress folds out over the desk horizontally so that it doesn’t take up too much space. In addition, the bed frame comes with several bookcases and drawers for extra storage of clothes, books and home decor.

A Bookcase Bed is self-explanatory as it is a bookcase by day and a bed by night. It is a useful piece of furniture to add to your home office because you can build your library of books or home decor on the shelves, open up the door in the middle, and fold the bed out from the inside.

If you're looking for a portable, spacing guest bed, then the mobile bed is the best option for you. Click below to watch how easy it is to setup and use!

Comfortable Guest Bed - Setup in 4 Easy Steps