Spare room ideas

Are you looking at an empty nest and considering how you might use your new spare room?

When your child moves out, you suddenly have an extra room in your home. It’s both difficult and exciting to see them move forward, and it can also be overwhelming to think about how to use your new spare room!

Whether you want to have guest room, reading room, or design your own multi-purpose room, we are here with some ideas on how your newfound space can improve your quality of life.

Spare Room Ideas Guest Bedoom

Create the perfect guest room. A guest room is a smart way to allow your child or children space to come visit anytime they want, while utilizing that spare room for other friends and family as well. Make the room comfortable and functional for all of your guests by adding a desk or putting up wall shelves. Also, check out our tips for adding style and functionality to your guest room.

If your new guest room is on the smaller side, consider a mobile bed. A mobile bed can fold-up and be stowed when it is not in use, allowing the room to look larger and more welcoming to your guests during the day. Learn more about mobile beds here

Collaborate on an entertainment room. Whether you are making the decision on your own or you and your partner can work together, make a list of the ideal ways you would use this spare room. Want space for exercise or yoga? Put up bookshelves and build your library or reading room? Add a desk and turn the spare room into a home office?

Once you have a list, take some measurements and get realistic about your possibilities. Maybe there isn’t room for that pool table, or maybe you realize you can both have a desk to work at. Have a conversation about the exact layout you want and what furniture can reasonably fit.

Then, get ahead of the interior design and paint first! We will have some suggestions for using colors to maximize your space in an upcoming blog post, so keep an eye out.

Spare room home gym

Remodel for Airbnb. If you live in a well-traveled area, you might consider putting the room to good use on Airbnb. You can choose to host only when your friends and family are not in town. Or, you can open your spare room to guests only on high-demand dates. Typically, the biggest decider for whether or not you use a room for Airbnb is whether a guest could use it without having to impose on your personal space. But where that line falls is up to you!

Mix and match for a multi-purpose room. If you can’t decide on a single use for your spare room, consider designing it as a multi-purpose room. Increasingly popular for smaller homes, a multi-purpose room will make the most of using less space. 

Take a look at our minimalist style tips for your multi-purpose room. 

When you design a room for multiple purposes—say, a home office that doubles as a home gym, or a study that doubles as a guest room—you have to be even more detailed when planning. Try to utilize furniture that can work in both spaces. Or, try and find furniture that can fold or stow away when not being used.

If you are looking for a simple mattress solution in your guest room or multi-purpose room, consider one of our mobile beds this holiday season. They save space and will look great in your spare room.