Hosting a New Year’s Eve party in your small apartment can be daunting, but these furniture and decoration ideas will help!

The most important thing to remember when planning a New Year’s Eve party is to have a game plan. You don’t have to create an itinerary, but you should know how the space in your small apartment to fit your guests. Are you going to serve hors d'oeuvres? Will there be an optional game or two set up? What music are you going to play? 

Rearrange for activity-specific stations 

It’s just one night, so re-think your apartment’s layout! It might be helpful to think of your small space in stations—an area for playing games, an area for food, and an area where guests can make their own drinks. Try to get large furniture items out of the way if they’re not going to be useful during your party.

Space saving furniture

Having furniture that can easily be set-up and then taken down for your New Year’s Eve party can make all the difference. Folding tables, for instance, make a great snack or drink station in your apartment. If you have any multi-purpose furniture, like a folding desk or a rollaway bed, now’s the time to get them out of the way. By making the right furniture choices in the long-term, you make hosting parties and dinners much easier in your small apartment.

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Get creative with lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference when you need to make a small apartment space look larger. Remove any of your fluorescent or bright white lighting, and go for dimmer, more muted options. Also, if you use smaller light sources, but place more of them throughout your apartment, the rooms will look larger and will fit your party decorating goals better. One great idea is to keep your holiday lighting up, as long as it fits the occasion. Use the lights that were on your tree to accent your windows or call attention to a specific area of the room.

Thanks for reading our ideas for hosting a New Year’s Eve party in a small apartment. If you’re still looking for ideas, take a look at these tips for hosting a party in your small apartment from Apartment Guide.

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