When you have limited space in your condo or apartment, you will need to find creative solutions to host your friends or family for an overnight or weekend visit. Even if you already know how to be a great host, you should spend time to prepare your home so that it is just as welcoming for your overnight guests. Prepare now for less stress in the future!

Small guest bedroom basics: 

For you and your guests, the space where they stay will serve multiple purposes. You might use this space for a living room, reading room, craft room, or home office. For them, it will be a fully functioning home base, whether they are in town for one night or one week. Make sure you have furniture that will enable them to live comfortably.

The bed is the cornerstone of comfort. Having a futon, daybed, mobile bed, or deskbed will help you and your guests manage the limited space available. During the day, they can relax or work using the same piece of easy-to-use convertible furniture they sleep on.

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A multi-purpose table or folding desk will also give your guests more options. Think about how much work you could get done in a simple, relaxing space like the one above. Combining space-saving furniture and simple organization ideas will create the ultimate guest space.

Consider your guest’s lifestyle:

Depending on how long they are staying with you, your guest may have to work, study, or have private phone conversations or meetings.

Maybe your visiting child or grandchild will appreciate a multi-purpose desk that can serve as both craft and play space. Or your friend from out-of-town might prefer a foldaway desk so they can still have room enough to themselves during the day.

A well-placed curtain or temporary divider creates a deep sense of personal space that your guest will appreciate.

Re-think storage solutions:

The first thing your overnight guest will wonder is: Where should I put my things? Having an intuitive, obvious area to store luggage after they unpack can make them feel much more at home. As your guests unpack, they will need to store clothing, jacket(s), and shoes. Making space in your closet is the easiest way to offer enough space for your overnight guests.

Also consider where they will stow pocket items at the end of the day; clear a small shelf or other surface for pens, phone, keys, wallet, etc. A small basket or desktop organizer will tell your guest exactly where to put their things. 

The most important part is to keep your storage items organized and out of the way. If your guests don’t have to see or move boxes, bags, or loose items that you have been keeping in your small guest room or that corner of your living room, they will feel more at home.

It’s the little things:

Think about how the best hotel or AirBnB you’ve stayed in was organized. Was there a designated space for every kind of item you brought along? Was the space clean and organized? Well-lit? A chocolate or mint on the pillow?

You don’t have to go overboard, but make sure you have enough toiletries in case they forget something, and keep space cleared for your guest to put their toothbrush, hairbrush, etc. The space they are sleeping in should have both full-room lighting and a smaller lamp for night reading.

If you want to go above and beyond, think about power outlet availability. Can you provide a multi-purpose power strip that can accommodate computer chargers and USB cell phone chargers?

As a mobile bed retailer, we know how furniture solutions can save space and boost functionality, ultimately making your guests feel more at-home. Are you interested in a mobile bed solution for hosting overnight guests? Take a look at our FAQs to start.