Small Vacation Home Design Tips

A vacation home is where you go to get away and relax with your family and friends. As a home away from home, this can be a cottage, a cabin, or a beach house – anything that serves as a small getaway.

Your vacation home should feel cozy and relieve stress as soon as you get inside. Too often, small vacation homes get cluttered with storage items or have outdated, cramped interior design.

Our tips will help make your vacation home the getaway of your dreams.

1. Open furniture plans for small vacation homes.

Often, all a cramped room needs is a quick re-arrangement of the furniture. Make sure that none of the sofas or chairs in your living room face away from one another. This will ensure that your family and friends engage in conversation, and will make your living room feel like a defined space.

Arrange sofas along walls, but not right up against them. Keep an inch or two between the back of your furniture pieces and the wall; otherwise they will give the impression that you need to use every inch of space, and that will make your vacation home feel more cramped.

Making the right furniture choices is essential for a cozy vacation home. To save space, consider our folding, roll-away mobile beds. When you need an extra guest bed, but have a small home space, mobile beds are the easiest solution. 

Open Floor Plan for Small Vacation Home

2. Neutral color schemes for a cozy vacation experience.

Mix up neutral colors and focus on whites and grays. This will make your vacation more relaxing. You want to feel a wave of relief when you enter your vacation home, so pair neutral tones, especially in furniture, and use contrast to add detail. Lighter walls and darker, neutral curtains and carpets will add depth and make your rooms appear larger.

3. Out-of-sight storage keeps your vacation home organized.

Smart storage can make a cluttered space feel cozy. Anything you don’t use regularly can go into a storage coffee table or up on wall shelves. Keeping the items you use less often out-of-sight will add warmth to your vacation home and will make your friends and family feel more relaxed. 

Consider using a closet, even a small one, as a storage space by hanging soft shelving inside and from the door. Using small bins that hold specific items will keep clutter away and will make sure you know where to go when you want to find those specific sheets or that board game. 

Storage Coffee Table Saves Space in Small Vacation Homes

4. Rooms in your vacation home should be designed based on how you use them.

The key to keeping your vacation home cozy is ensuring that each room has a purpose, and that the purpose fits your lifestyle. Don’t place a television into your living room if you never turn it on. That space can be used for more seating, a game table, or a bookshelf for your favorite reads.

Think about the activities that you, your family, and your friends enjoy together most often when at your vacation home, and organize your space around them.

In your guest rooms, or rooms where you don’t always have someone sleeping, consider using a mobile bed instead of a futon or standard bed. Mobile beds offer more room when a guest is not staying with you. 

5. Use natural elements from your small vacation home’s surroundings.

Natural elements will help define your cabin’s aesthetic. Wood flooring and surfaces, potted flowers, hanging plants—these all give your vacation home a relaxing atmosphere. If your summer home is near a beach, use shells and sand dollars to accent your surfaces. If it near a forest, try bringing in small potted trees or highlighting your windows so that the view is a part of your décor. 

If you have a beach cottage, you might be interested in our 5 amenities to make your beach house guests feel at home.

Interior Design Tips for Small Vacation Homes

6. Warm lighting will make your vacation home feel more relaxing.

Warm, soft lighting is the key to a relaxing vacation home. Avoid fluorescent or bright white lighting, and make sure that you use as much natural light as possible. Thick curtains and blinds look great, but don’t leave them down throughout the day.

Expertly placed, warm floor and table lamps add just enough light to see the whole room and read. Lighting will set the tone for your relaxing summer cottage experience.

Thank you for reading our tips to make your summer cottage cozy!

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