It’s easy to fall into the habit of using your guest bedroom for storage space. The room fills with clutter and boxes, leaving you scrambling to re-arrange when you host a guest. In order to cultivate a better living space, let’s take a cue from minimalist interior design so that your guest room works for both you and your guests.

minimalist guest room solution

Priorities: First, ask yourself: What really belongs in this room? Probably not the golf clubs or the boxes of holiday decorations. But you might be surprised about your answers. It’s important to be honest about what you will use this space for when you are not hosting a guest – small-item storage, home office, yoga room, reading room, etc. We suggest making a list of all of the uses you could have for the room before making design choices.

Storage and Accessibility: If you want to use your guest room closet for small-item storage (blankets, bed sets, etc.), find the right sized storage bins to fit your closet’s dimensions. If your guest room doesn’t have a closet, consider using a streamlined storage cabinet or door-hanging storage solutions to save space across a variety of storage needs.

One principle of minimalist interior design is to have a place for everything, and to keep everything in its place. From towels and extra blankets to pens and paperclips, you should find a designated, intuitive solution such as using small wall shelves to hold pens and keys, and to serve as a slim towel rack for rolled-up towels.

Mobile bed functionality for guest room

Hybrid Design: Many pieces of furniture can work for both you and your guests equally well. If your guest room is going to double as a home office, consider a deskbed. If you’re going to use the guest room for yoga or a small home gym, use a foldable and portable mobile bed!

Another principle of minimalist design to choose a simple, even color palate. By utilizing white space and unified, calming colors, your guest room will feel more like a hotel room. When selecting pieces or painting the room, keep in mind the multiple ways your room might be used. Can you picture yourself being productive and a guest having a good night’s rest in the same space?

Bedroom Functionality: The bottom line is that for your guests, this is a home away from home. You want guests to walk in and immediately feel welcome. This is why a minimalist approach can work spectacularly for your guest room. By eliminating clutter and offering intuitive storage solutions, your guests will feel at home.

One last principle of minimalist design is to make every piece of furniture serve multiple purposes. Space-saving furniture can help you out. A low-lying dresser can double as a nightstand, and a tall floor lamp can perform double-duty for reading in bed and working at a desk. By choosing functional, multi-purpose pieces, you will enhance the comfort and usability of your guest room.

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