Small Apartment Design

Color has a massive impact on how we perceive interior spaces, and can make a small space look bigger. When you walk into a home, the walls and accents teach you how to move around, and even how to feel about the place you are in. 

By taking the time to think through the interior colors in your small apartment or condo, you will improve how your home feels to yourself and others. These 5 interior painting and design ideas will transform your home, and make small rooms look bigger:

1. Use Sharp Colors for Small Rooms: Avoid muted tones. We’re not saying you should paint all of your walls a bright orange or pink. But a color palate that utilizes sharp colors like turquoise or electric blue will have more opportunity to give a smaller room that open, comfortable feeling you’re looking for. Sit down with some color swatches and think about what makes you feel most at home, energized, or calm.

Make Small Spaces Bigger With Contrast Painting 

2. Contrast for Bright, Open Spaces: After you choose a stellar color palate, you want to carefully plan out how your walls will set the stage. We don’t recommend painting every wall the same color in a small room, thought light colors are preferred. A single white wall or even a dark one—if you are using a lighter color palate—will call attention to the brightness of the room by contrasting and defining it.
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3. Accents make your small room come alive: Match your accents to your color palate. Your throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and other textiles can touch on colors that are a little brighter and a little darker than your wall color foundation. This visual variation will add much more depth to your room, making it look bigger.
Get creative and think beyond throw pillows and rugs, too! If you apply accent paint to the inside of a bookshelf, window pane, or the visible underside of a piece of furniture, you will put in the extra work that will make your home feel larger every day.
4. Compliment with your entryways: If you have an entryway in your small condo or apartment, think about painting its wall a darker color on your palate. That way, as you or your guests enter your home, they will make a subconscious comparison, causing your central living space to open up. It’s a visual cue for transitional movement.
Focal Point for Small Spaces
5. Industry trick: Focal Spaces for a bigger looking room: A focal space is a wall, item or group of items that really draw attention to the brightness of your palate choices. Focus the sense of openness with eye-catching dark-colored items or even a small wall, if available. A dark table placed along your longest wall, for instance, would make that wall appear much longer.

6. Hang fabrics: Once you have your walls painted, maybe you have some longer walls that could use help giving depth to your room. Just as a long curtain will make your window space look larger, a simple tapestry or other textile will break up the flatness of your single-colored wall and will add depth. A wall textile that is a darker tone of your wall color will blend and open up your whole living space.

    Thanks for reading our 5 ideas for opening up your small room with interior colors.

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