Small home tips

With one or more children in a small home, at some point every parent will wonder: How do I make this small living space work?

Well, we’re here to help! Small homes are not only capable of working for your family, but with a little extra effort, they can be perfect. For instance, even with a new baby and a Great Dane, this family made a 196 square foot Tiny House work! Seem a little extreme? Here’s a story about a family that lives in an 800 square foot home.

You believe that this small home can fit your growing family comfortably, but how?

Make smart bedroom choices in your small home.

In a small living space, it’s likely that you won’t have a spare bedroom for your children as they get older, or that you won’t have multiple rooms for multiple children. It might seem counter-intuitive, but consider using the larger bedroom for your children. Even if they are young, a larger room can be used for multiple purposes—play, sleep, homework, etc.—leaving the rest of your living spaces open for other uses.

If your small home has two bedrooms, and you live in the smaller of the two, make sure that you choose furniture that maximizes space. Stay organized with wall-shelves, and consider a wall bed or mobile bed. Keeping the smaller room clean and streamlined will make it feel cozy. 

Mobile beds for small living spaces

Is your single bedroom small to begin with?

Consider converting your living room into a part-time bedroom. Use the original bedroom for your children. While your children are younger, this will give both of you the perfect amount of privacy without compromising on space. As your family grows, you will be able to adapt the space you live in to fit your lifestyle.

As you make a small home work for your growing family, try our mobile beds. Mobile beds save space by folding away during the day and easily expanding when you want to sleep!

Organize clutter, maximize small spaces.

With a growing family in a small living space, it is easy to get lost in a sea of toys and childcare supplies. To save space, use wall shelves instead of large shelving units. Purchase hide-away storage containers and multi-use furniture that can double as storage space. By defining a place for everything in your home, you will keep your small space clutter-free.

Small home storage solutions

Leave unused, blank space.

It might be tempting to organize so thoroughly that you fill your whole small living space with efficient furniture and storage! Maintaining open space is essential, and will make your rooms appear larger. Try leaving some of your walls blank and using mirrors to enlarge small spaces. For more information, read our previous post on how to make small spaces appear bigger.

Smart furniture opens up smaller rooms.

From the storage furniture we mentioned above to multi-purpose furniture that can convert or fold away, there are more space saving furniture options than you might think!

For instance, a folding desk will give you extra room when it is not in use. It will stow folded against a wall and drop down when you are ready to work.

Or, you can use a storage coffee table to keep occasionally used items out of the way when you and your family are busy throughout the day.

Small home use vertical space

Use vertical space throughout your small home.

Walls and open areas in your small home can save floor space. Use wall shelves to hold decorations to store items you often use or want to display. Make the most out of a small closet by hanging storage containers for shoes, shirts, pants, and jackets. 

Don’t ignore your individual style!

It is easy to get caught up in choices that will make the most of your space, but try not to compromise your unique style. Plants, for instance, can easily fit in a small home when placed on shelves or in hanging pots.

Take advantage of small surface nooks to display photos, favorite knick-knacks, and memorabilia. Use your favorite patters and color combinations for throw pillows, table runners, and other accessories. Make time and space for your style to determine the kind of home you keep.

Thank you for reading our tips on how to make a small living space work for your growing family. Learn more about space saving mobile beds.