Every guest bedroom should feel cozy but what can be easily overlooked is its functionality. What do we mean by ‘functionality’? This means every room should use space efficiently, have an intended use, & be aesthetically pleasing 

Imagine the opposite characteristics of the points listed above and you will see an inadequate bedroom that’s cramped, cluttered, and not appealing to stay in. When it comes to making your guest room stylish & functional, you need to consider what your guests will find appealing about the room, and how to maximize space in that room.

Here are 5 ideas you can start with to make your guest room functional 

1. Mobile Bed

A mobile bed is a unique bed option that is great for saving bedroom space. This type of transformational furniture is a stylish cabinet that also has a fold out mattress inside it. A mobile bed makes your guest room functional by allowing your guests more space in the room during the day and a foldout bed at night.

2. Corner Cupboards & Shelves

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Maximize the space in the corners of your room by adding corner shelves or a corner cupboard to place books, pictures, décor and more. Implementing these to the corners of your room add style to the room as well as add functionality by saving space. In addition, placing a corner shelf high up near the ceiling

3. Recess shelves

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While this option requires more labor & some construction to implement, it is no doubt a fantastic way to save space. By having shelves that are inside the wall instead of hanging on the wall, you are giving adding additional space to the room. Besides adding décor and books to the recess shelf, you can also add guides and maps to your city & surrounding towns in case they are interested in outside entertainment. 

4. Adding a desk

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Placing a desk in your guest room gives your guests a place to work and keep their stuff organized. In the picture above, the desk is a corner desk, which works well with the corner shelves like in tip #2. As you can see, having functional furniture complimenting each other adds more style to the room!

5. Amenity Basket

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An amenity basket is a thoughtful gesture for you guests as it provides several bathroom and bedroom amenities for them during their stay. When creating a basket, you should consider adding basic items that your guests will need, or may have forgotten to bring. The contents of the basket can vary depending on your personal preferences, or the preferences of your guests if you know them. Here is a list of the amenity basket basics, in case you need some guidance.

Are you looking for stylish & functional furniture for your guest room? A mobile bed acts as a 2-in-1 furniture solution that saves space during the day and folds out into a bed at night. View our video below to see how a mobile works!