When you’re choosing a guest bed for your home, you want a comfortable bed that will also save space when you’re not hosting guests. One common solution is a sofa bed. They seem great—versatile, useful when you’re not hosting, and you want a couch anyway. The problem is sofa bed almost always makes a better sofa than a guest bed. 

Folding Guest Bed Comfort

Comfort is too often overlooked when considering guest beds. We spend so much time considering how to fit a guest bed into a home, and how to set up the guest room or living room, that the mattress and frame comfort go unnoticed. But you want overnight guests to have comfortable, uninterrupted sleep!

Our folding mobile beds come with specially designed memory foam mattresses that were built with comfort in mind! The memory foam is made with a high-quality, high-density polyurethane 50D foam core that keeps the mattress at the perfect balance between firmness and softness. 

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Easy to Use Folding Beds 

Our folding beds are versatile. That means it will be much easier to set up and stow away a folding bed than a sofa bed. As your interior design choices change, and you re-arrange your rooms over time, our folding beds will look great wherever you place them. They change with you! 

Mobile folding beds are also easy to set up and stow away. Our mobile beds can roll into any room, and then fold out in 4 easy steps. Putting them back is just as easy.

Our mobile beds also look like a stylish cabinet when they are not in use, so they will fit your interior design aesthetic. Choose from a range of finishes for the perfect guest bed for your home!

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