Holiday Houseguest Hosting Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching, and many of us have family in town. If you are hosting family or friends in your small home over the holidays, we have some tips that will help you be the best possible host! 

Welcoming furniture arrangements for holiday houseguests

When your houseguests arrive for the holidays, they will learn how to feel in your home based on how you arrange and decorate. Hosting family is stressful enough, so ease the tension by rearranging furniture to open up your rooms. Make sure you and your houseguests can easily move around, that you have space to sit and relax, and that you give your guests a sense of privacy where they will be sleeping. 

If your guests are staying in the living room over the holidays, consider using a divider or curtain to give them some optional privacy. If you are hosting family in a guest room, make sure they have options—a light for late-night reading, a desk or other surface for their computer, and enough space to feel at home. 

Maximize space during the day by using a mobile bed. Mobile beds fold out in four easy steps so that you and your houseguests can both use them over the holidays.

Hosting Holiday Guests Mobile Bed

Holiday details to make your family feel at home

Hosting is an art, and when your family is in town for the holidays, the details are crucial. Make sure that you have clean towels, sheets, pillowcases, and any other linens your houseguests may need, folded and ready to use. This will make their stay easier on all of you.

Your houseguests should have easy access to toothpaste, cotton swabs, and other toiletries when they are getting up in the morning or getting ready for sleep. Consider using small dishes or bowls as holders. 

If your family members are in town for more than one night, give them a set of spare keys. Your guests will feel welcome if they can come and go freely. 

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Decorating for Holiday Houseguests Being a Good Host

Hosting children: Make your home child-friendly

When your family members bring children along, it is important to consider what they need from their host. Take a moment to consider how your small home suits the children who might be visiting.

A toddler might require some baby proofing. Simply cover any sharp corners with soft material, or even use a tennis ball. Keep power cables organized and tucked away, and tie any hanging cord for blinds or lighting up and out-of-the-way.

Whatever age children might be, you can stock snacks and age-specific toys. Consider a bowl for individually wrapped snacks or stock your refrigerator with their favorite goodies. If you have children, keep some of their toys as they outgrow them for future guest visits like these. If you want to go above and beyond as a host, ask your houseguests what kind of toys their children like, and pick up something small before they arrive. 

Thank you for reading our tips for hosting holiday houseguests!

Fitting a family in a small home can take some work, but it is well worth it to spend the time together. The biggest space hog is often the bed, which is why we love our mobile beds – they fold up to the smallest furniture footprint during the day! If you would like to learn more about our space saving beds, check out how easily mobile beds fold out.