Small Vacation Home Ideas

Vacation homes are a great place to bring guests, whether that means extended family or friends, you want a place that’s easy to maintain and is ready to go. In a small vacation home, it’s important to plan your guest bedrooms so that they work for both you and your guests. Often, it’s the bed that takes up the most space, so you want to consider what the room will be used for when guests aren’t around. In this short guest bed buying guide, we will cover your options so you can generate great ideas for your guest bedroom!

Sofa Guest Beds 

If your guest bedroom is going to double as a reading room or alternate living room in your vacation home, a sofa bed is a great option. While the mattresses are not usually as comfortable as other guest bed offerings, the sofa bed is versatile. We recommend this option only of you are going to be using a space mainly for lounging and having fun, and want to have the option of letting a guest stay for a night or two on occasion.

Futon Guest Beds

Futon beds for guests

A futon bed is typically best for younger guests—friends of kids or grandkids who come along on your vacation. Because a futon uses a solid stuffed mattress, it’s actually not very comfortable when used a couch alternative or a bed, and can leave older guests with aches and pains. They are, however, versatile and can stand up to wear-and-tear. Futon beds are great if you’re looking to furnish a playroom or a space for you kids and grandkids to hang out in your small vacation home. 

Mobile Beds for Guest Rooms

Mobile beds are a great solution for your small vacation home if you want to offer your guests the comfort of a memory foam mattress, along with the versatility of a bed that can simply fold and stow away. The other major perk is that when mobile beds are not in use, they look great in your living space. Mobile beds take up less space and offer more comfort than any other guest bed option. 

We recommend that you learn more about how mobile beds are a comfortable, versatile guest bed option! 

Mobile Beds are easy for guests

Rollaway Beds 

A rollaway bed is a good option if your vacation home has storage space. They have the perk of folding up and rolling away, but you also have to put them somewhere. Typically, these are useful in the same role as a cot. Short-term guests and younger guests will have rest well on a rollaway bed for a night or two. 

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