Do you need some ideas sprucing up your spare room so that it’s a spacious and fun place for your grandkids’ visit? You probably want to set up a room for them that is fun and safe, but also gives them lots of space to play. Below are some creative furniture ideas that’ll free up floor space and give your grandchildren a room they’ll love to stay in!

1. Modular sofa

It’s a couch! It’s a fort! It’s a sofa that’s as versatile and imaginative as your grandchildren. This sofa is made up of interchangeable pieces that your grandchildren can rearrange to suit their mood or their games. As a bonus, it comes with washable slipcovers so you don’t need to worry too much about those little hands being grubby.

2. Bunk bed

Kids just love bunk beds! It’s like having a mini fortress that you sleep in. As a bonus, you can combine two beds and a chest of drawers into one piece of furniture, or combine a bed and a desk in one space, and still leave plenty of room to play.

3. Fold out desk

Not all games happen on the floor. For your little reader or artist, this fold out desk will provide a surface for books or papers, but folds neatly out of the way to free up floor space. This way, you can have a desk when you need one, but lots of space for when you don’t.

4. Mobile bed

Turn your playroom into a sleeping area when your grandchildren visit. A Mobile Bed is a full or queen mattress that unfolds out of an attractive wooden chest to become a comfortable sleeping space – like magic! In the morning, all you need to do is fold the bed back up, roll it up against a wall or into a closet, and it’s playtime again. Your grandkids may even want to help you make the bed!

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