Folding beds can make living in a small house much easier and more comfortable. Whether you have a small guest room or are considering a sleeping solution for your living room, folding mobile beds are a smart solution to save space.

1. Save Space in Small Multi-Purpose Rooms

Our homes are where we spend most of our time. It can be difficult to manage a small home when you work, play, and exercise in the same space. Because of this diversity of needs, a multi-purpose room can make a small home feel larger by using the right furniture. For instance, our desk beds can either serve as a folding bed for guests or a great looking desk when you’re working. Or, our mobile beds can fold away and open up a room for home exercise.

2. Easy Set-up & Storage to Fit a Small House

Furniture choices are crucial in small houses. Beyond having a multi-purpose room, you want a guest bed solution that doesn’t take too much time or effort. Cots are uncomfortable, and they require you to carry them into a room and store them when not in-use. Sofa beds generally make much more appealing sofas than beds!

Our folding mobile beds are easy to set up, and fold back just as quickly. They simply roll away. Learn more about our mobile beds today!

3. Save Space in a Small Home with Style

Folding mobile beds come in a variety of styles that can match your interior decorating goals. No need to store bulky metal frames in your closet—they just take up more space. When stored away, our mobile beds can actually improve your room’s décor.

4. Show Guests Your Consider Their Comfort

When you have guests in town, you want them to feel at home. Our folding beds are more comfortable than most sofa beds or futons. Your guests will sleep soundly on our specially designed memory foam mattress, which comes with a comfortable, plush, micro-fiber cover.

Plus, if your guests are staying for more than one night, they will enjoy being able to stow their bed and use the added space.

Thank you for reading our 4 tips on how to maximize space in your small house with a folding bed!

Are you looking for a simple, comfortable space saving bed? Take a look at our mobile beds today.