Are you hosting a Halloween party in your small living space this year? Do you have friends or family staying in town?

It’s easy to decorate and plan for the holidays even if you have a small living space. You just need to follow a plan. Host guests with confidence, and welcome your friends and family into your home with these space-saving Halloween interior design ideas:

Smart Halloween decoration choices for small homes

The full-size skeleton decorations and tall jack-o-lanterns will take up too much space in your small apartment or condo. You and your guests need room to show off your smart costumes or sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Utilize surfaces by getting nicely colored gourds or pick up any number of small manufactured pumpkin decorations—they come in all materials and colors to fit your apartment's current interior design ideas. 

Use color themes to do the heavy lifting. Classic orange and black accents can be placed tastefully. Think about your dining ware, the blankets and throw pillows, and your accent carpets. Also try hanging decorations over unused wall space. 

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Use the right furniture to maximize space

Your furniture choices make the difference between having a crowded small space and the stylish home you envision.

A folding desk, for instance, is a great solution when you spend your alone time working, reading, or sitting at home, and you want to make space for hosting guests. 

You can also clear away clutter if you invest in a storage coffee table or storage ottoman. Both can open up your surfaces for Halloween decorations and lighting. 

If you are hosting overnight guests, consider one of our mobile beds to save space. More versatile than a Murphy bed, our mobile beds look like a stylish chest of drawers when stowed away, and are ready for sleep in under a minute.

If you are using your common living spaces for multiple purposes, take a look at our multi-purpose furniture ideas.

Create a welcoming environment by rearranging your interior

You and your Halloween guests will have a better time if you are able to sit and move around comfortably. A well-arranged space will facilitate conversation and fun times!

Try clearing out a central living space with a focus on community. By positioning your furniture so that the central point is in shared space, rather than, say, at the television, you will encourage more interaction. Whether you are hosting guests for a party or you have overnight guests, you will all benefit from opening up your common living spaces.       

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