Living in the city, any city really, but especially San Francisco, New York, Boston, Oakland and San Jose where prices can be sky high, your small apartment must become a multi-purpose living space. You must maximize every inch of space and have furniture to suit multiple purposes. In a one-bedroom apartment, this is a must!

If you are lucky to have two rooms, you have even more options to choose from. Take these suggestions below to create a multipurpose room that serves as an office, a dining room, a guest bedroom…and it looks good the whole time! These suggestions are both versatile and stylish to create a modern apartment. 

1. Foldable Table – Multipurpose Office/Dining Room

Foldable tables are a great way to save space because you can use it for your dining room or turn it into a desk for working or studying. When it’s not in use, it can be folded & placed along the wall or in a closet to free up room space. As you can see in the example below, a foldable table not in use can be placed along a wall or in a closet. When you do need to use it, you can turn it into a desk for your home office or a dining room table. It’s so convenient, yet saves so much space!

[Image found on Pinterest]

2. Stackable Shelves – Any Room

Having stackable shelves is convenient because you can arrange them in various ways that save space in your multi-purpose room. You can stack them vertically, next to each other, or place each individual shelf in a corner of your room. In addition, you can mount the shelves on your wall to maximize the amount of space in your spare room if you don’t have much floor space for the stackable shelves.

Stackable shelves don’t have to be boring either! The example below can create some very interesting designs that are versatile both vertically and horizontally.

[Image found on Pinterest]

3. Mobile Bed – Multipurpose Guest Room

A mobile bed is a 2-in-1 piece of furniture that serves as a cabinet during the day and a bed at night. Mobile beds have the option of a spacious full & queen-sized mattress inside it that can fold out horizontally so it doesn’t take up much room space. In addition, you can transport it easily throughout your apartment or house with its built-in wheels.

Mobile Bed being rolled out

If you’re using your room as a home office and a friend or relative asks to spend a night at your place, you can roll out the mobile bed, store all your work in a storage bin (or stackable shelf!) and transform the room into a guest bedroom.

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