Fall decor small apartment

Fall is already here! Do you have guests coming to your small apartment or condo this season?

Now is the time to make your home even more warm and cozy with fall seasonal décor. Our tips will help you make the most of your small home and guest room this fall. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort you put in, and you will feel great knowing that your home is ready for the season.

Here are some tips for how to decorate your guest room this fall:

  1. Use warm colors: Break out the rugs, decorations, and accents that add warmth to your guest room. Earth tones and warm colors will relax both you and your guests. They will also visually reinforce the warm, cozy vibe of your home.
  1. Layer textiles & pillows: Layer throw pillows and blankets throughout your home to reinforce a feeling of warmth. With folded or draped blankets on your guest bed, your guests will feel at home knowing they can layer-up on cool nights. Well-placed throw pillows will make your sofa bed look cozy and welcoming.
  1. Utilize patterns: Patterns like plaid and bold stripes will add complexity to any solid, cool surfaces in your home. Layered patterns will add warmth and enhance your home’s unique style. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, a patterned rug will help create a strong color scheme and boost the personality of your guest room.
Natural fall decor guest room
  1. Natural accents: Place natural accents and decorations around your apartment or condo. Autumn wreaths and well-crafted leaf displays will give the right cozy vibe. Smartly placed pumpkins, gourds, and candles, arranged around your surface decorations will bring the best of fall into your home. Your guests will notice the extra effort! 
  1. Update dinnerware for fall foods: Think about what foods you and your guests will be eating. Apple pies? Mashed potatoes? Consider using fall themed serving dishes and cookware. Give your dining table a makeover with a set of themed placemats.
  1. Drape a canopy for a cozier guest bed: If you want to really impress your guests, drape a curtain or thick sheet over a portion of the bed, against the wall. It will provide a cozy nook where they can relax and sleep soundly.
  1. Switch out your bathmat: Update your bathroom for cooler weather by providing a cozy bathmat. A thicker bathmat will feel warm under their feet. Your guests will appreciate this little improvement.
  1. Warm lighting: Lighting plays a major role in interior design. Stick with warmer glowing lamps and bulbs for your lighting fixtures during the fall months. Softer lights will set exactly the right tone for your guests to enjoy their stay. 

Condo interior decor fall

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