Portable furniture will open up your small apartment, and can follow your lead to serve your needs. When you rethink your furniture choices and start buying pieces that can easily transform or be stored when not in use, you will love your apartment even more. These 5 portable furniture ideas will change the way you think about small apartment interior design.

1. Rolling Kitchen Island

Kitchen surfaces and storage take up a lot of space in a small apartment. Rather than forcing your kitchen to fit one need, try a rolling kitchen island. Use the island as a counter top near your stove when you’re cooking, and then move and transform it into a dining surface when your food is ready.

2. Rolling Cart

Try using a rolling cart in your living room instead of an end table. You can park it by the sofa for easy access to your remote and reading material, or set it against a wall as you would with a small shelving unit. The real benefit here is that whatever you keep in the cart can follow you throughout your apartment, and can serve different purposes depending on where you are.

3. Mobile Bed 

Better than a sofa bed or Murphy bed, a mobile bed is a great furniture choice for any small apartment. A comfortable memory foam mattress will give you or your guests a great night of sleep. Then, when you want to use your living room or guest room’s space, you can fold up the bed, and it will look great! Learn more about our portable mobile beds.

4. Folding Portable Desk

Desks can take up unnecessary space in your bedroom, living room, or spare room. A folding desk is an easy way to streamline your small space—they simply fold away when you’re not using them. In addition, some models have optional caster wheels that give your apartment’s arrangement even greater versatility.

If you are looking for more folding and space saving furniture items, take a look at this list of space saving designs for small homes.

Small apartment furniture ideas

5. Folding Tray Tables

Folding tables aren’t just for eating while you watch TV! They can be used all around your apartment—in your living room as end tables, in your bedroom as a small desk—and can be stowed away when you don’t need them. Portable tables are a great way to add versatility and style to your apartment without taking up unnecessary space.

Thanks for reading our 5 portable furniture ideas for small apartments!

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