For those of you who work from home, it is so convenient not having to fight rush hour traffic in the morning and evening. Your commute is only a few steps away from your bedroom or kitchen and you can even work in your pajamas if you want! Hopefully you have a room separated out as your home office so that you can shut the door at the end of the day and go back to ‘home’ mode. It’s far too easy to either be distracted, or else to become a workaholic and keep working through the night, if you don’t have a defined work space 

Never fear! Wallbeds “n” More is here! If you’re new to the idea of working at home, or want to spruce up your space, then here are a few key items your need in order to create a functional home office.

Designing a home office doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, turning your spare room into an office can be a fun & creative process. There are lots of accessories and tools that you can get to spruce up your home office but we’ll discuss the bare essentials, furniture, in this article:

1. A Desk

A desk is an obvious choice of furniture but, no doubt, the most important piece of furniture. You want to get a desk that can fit in your spare room as well as be spacious enough to work on. Having a small desk can actually prevent you from performing several tasks that a big desk would allow you to do; if your desk were only big enough to fit a monitor & keyboard on it then you wouldn’t have room left on the desk to write things down or place documents on.

On the other hand, desks aren’t cheap and the bigger the desk, the more expensive it is. The one you choose will be your official workspace and you will want to choose one that’s functional, spacious, and fits to your style of work.

2. A Comfy (and Ergonomic) Office Chair

Chairs are incredibly important because an uncomfortable chair can lead to back pain and stress, thus reducing your quality of work over time. There are lots of chairs to choose from and we recommend going to an office supply store or furniture store and physically testing office chairs to find the right match for you. In addition, make sure to measure the size of the chair to make sure that it will fit in your home office.

3. Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets are essential for home offices because they help keep all of your documents and papers organized. A neat desk makes it easier for me to think, because piles of paper and business cards usually mean they are part of my to-do list. Before I got a cabinet, I used to put all of my documents into shoeboxes and stack them up in the corner making it look like I owned lots of Nike shoes. Overall, it wasn’t the most efficient way to organize my documents and a filing cabinet makes everything so much easier to find.

4. Bookcase

Bookcases are another way to store documents as well as work-related books, manuals, records, publications, and reports. Not all types of professions need a bookcase if you use digital documents, but they are a nice way to display artwork and photos too.

However, professionals who work in finances, law, accounting, bookkeeping, or any job that requires holding onto records, documents, and text-based information can benefit from having a bookcase in their home office.

5. Storage Containers

Storage containers are useful for holding any additional papers or office supplies to clear up extra clutter around the office. You can store various things in a storage container such as notepads, sticky notes, batteries, tape, a stapler, and writing tools when you aren’t using them. Most office supply companies have stylish storage containers and unique shapes to hold different odds and ends – find out what works best for you.

6. Bed for Multi-Use

Lastly, home offices often earn double duty as guest bedrooms as well. However, you don’t want a guest bed that takes up half the room when not in use. The ideal guest bed would be something comfortable, easy to move and that stores without taking up a large footprint when not in use. Luckily, the Mobile Beds fits all those requirements!

When not in use, the Mobile Bed looks just like a chest of drawers, and because it is on casters, it can easily be rolled and moved to the best spot.

Looking for the right furniture for your home office?