Could your condo or apartment use a re-design?

When managing a smaller home, condo, or apartment, think about making your furniture do the extra work. You will save space and improve your home’s style by using furniture that can transform, adjust, and fold to fit your multi-use needs.

Whether you need to un-clutter your space by finding practical storage solutions or you want to make your home even more stylish, here are 5 pieces of furniture you should consider:

1. Storage coffee table:

A coffee table takes up a lot of space, but often doesn’t earn its keep. You can boost your table’s versatility by making sure it has a series of shelves underneath. That way, you can store books, games, magazines, or other occasional-use items when they aren’t being used.

Another option is a full storage coffee table, which looks like a thick, heavy table, and when you lift off the top, reveals ample storage space. This second option is idea if you want to store items out of sight. Check out these ideas for stylish storage solutions from Houzz.

2. Wall shelf + bike rack:

We found this great wall shelf that doubles as a bike rack. If your small apartment or condo leaves you bumping into your bike, consider finding wall space for this multi-purpose shelf. It’s not just convenient, it will fit with any modern interior design ideas you have brewing.

3. Mobile Bed:

Also, consider our mobile bed as a dependable space and time saver. When they are stowed, they look great in your home, and they are simple to use for you or any overnight guests you might host. Portable and ready in under a minute, they are a great way to save space.

4 Storage Ottoman:

Another easy storage solution is to make use of your ottoman. It might seem like an ottoman takes up unnecessary space, but it can have enough storage space to hold a wide range of your things. When you lift off the top cushion, they reveal massive storage space.

5. Convertible desk:

Whether you are reading, working, or simply having a cup of tea or coffee, a desk is an essential piece of home furnishing. Convertible desks come in all shapes and sized. You can use a fold-away desk to simply save space when it is not in use, or you could go for a desk bed to have a dual-use piece of furniture that you can pull out for guests or use for yourself. 

If you are thinking about a desk bed or mobile bed, take a look at our mobile bed store today!