Popular metropolis cities like New York and San Francisco are known for having small rooms costing an arm and a leg in rent fees. Studio apartments and micro-apartments are on the rise and it can be tough for some people to downsize into a living space that can be less than 300 square feet. 

The trick is to maximize the amount of space in a studio apartment using space-saving tips and furniture. Check out this video featuring 300 sq foot studio apartment designs. Here are some space-saving ideas to work with when planning or organizing a studio apartment or micro-unit to make it look bigger:

1. Hang a shower curtain or sheet on the ceiling to create improvised rooms

Curtains help separate parts of the apartment you want to hide from guests, like your bed or create “soft walls” within the room. This especially comes in handy for studio apartments where the kitchen, living room and bedroom are all in the same space. Use a nice fabric to create a different mood, from exotic, to cozy and welcoming, this can be a defining feature in your apartment.

2. Hang items on the wall using hooks or shelves

If your landlord gives you permission, you can drill holes into the wall and add shelves, or use command hooks to maximize space along the walls. With shelves you can store books, pictures, and any decorative items and command hooks work well with hanging bags, backpacks, keys and clothing.

3. Use a shoe rack organizer to place on every door for extra storage

A shoe rack mounted on a door is a terrific way to store items such as cleaning supplies, clothing accessories, and shoes (obviously). Shoe racks made for doors don’t cost too much and they are very easy to install.

4. Add a mobile bed for more room

Mobile Beds are a 2-in-1 solution as it is a decorative chest drawer during the day and a bed at night. The mobile bed folds out horizontally to reveal a mattress inside, which comes in either a Queen or Full-sized mattress. In addition, a mobile bed comes with wheels attached to the bottom so you can move it around the apartment easily. This is a comfortable bed and is a great option for a spare room, or even as your main bed in a small space. 

Opens only 4 steps! See how easy it is to use!

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