Most space saving beds are either difficult to set up or don’t fit your home’s aesthetic. But these folding bed ideas are comfortable and convenient! It’s important that you find a bed that works best in your home. Whether you like minimalist décor or country style, these beds can work with your unique interior design choices and will make a small room or small home feel larger.

Mobile Cabinet Beds Save Space

Mobile beds use a comfortable memory foam mattress and are extremely easy to set up. They are perfect for both you and your guests, because they fold up into a beautiful finished cabinet when you’re not using them, and are available in a variety of colors. They also arrive at your door ready to use—no installation required. No matter what your interior design choices are, a mobile bed can fit your style.

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Sofa Wall Bed

Folding wall bed and sofa

A sofa wall bed serves as a small sofa and shelf when you’re not using it for sleeping. It’s great for a living room or a guest room that you use as a multi-purpose room when you aren’t hosting. The shelf is an added bonus, and you can use it to store lighter items or decorations. 

Convertible Bunk Bed & Couch

Sofa and bunk bed combo

This is definitely the boldest of the space saving beds we found. A full bunk bed one minute, it converts into a sofa the next. With cushions designed more for sitting than sleeping, and slimmer bed space, we recommend this model for younger guests. It works well in a playroom or entertainment room. 

Closet & Clothes Storage Folding Bed 

Folding bed and closet combination

Convenient for a small apartment with limited storage space, this folding bed gives you the feeling of a small (and short) walk-in closet. With room to hang clothes and an elevated sleeping space, we recommend these for studios or even a one-bedroom condo. 

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