Having family or friends over for dinner at your small home this holiday season? The right decorating and furniture choices can make your dinner a warm, inviting experience for your loved ones. Here are some ideas that will help make your holiday dinner fun and memorable.

1. Rearrange your home's furniture plan

Your home is typically arranged for your daily routines, so it can be helpful to rearrange your dining and living areas. It’s just one night, so feel free to move any unnecessary furniture out your dining and hosting spaces.

A small home can be welcoming and fun with just a few simple adjustments. Try moving your dining table away from walls to maximize your small space for seating. If you are serving snacks and drinks, consider arranging your furniture so that your guests can move between each goodie you offer.

2. Make sure your furniture is small space friendly

The right furniture choices can make or break how you host dinner guests in a small home. For your holiday dinner, an expanding dining table can help accommodate a longer list of guests. If you are going to spend more time in your living room, consider using folding tables to arrange snacks and drinks.

Keep your furniture choices small-space friendly. If you find yourself looking for less bulky furniture solutions, consider using a mobile bed instead of a guest bed or futon. Mobile beds fold away, take up less space, and look great in your room. Learn more about mobile beds.

3. Expand your small home's dining areas

If your guest list seems a little long for your small home, consider using your living room for dining as well. Throw a tablecloth over your living room table, and you can have a second dining area, which will make your small home feel more open. If possible, avoid putting a wall between your two dining areas unless your guests are comfortable with being separated.

4. Simplify how you serve holiday dinner

First, we recommend cleaning up as you cook. After you’re done preparing to cook, give the kitchen a once-over. When you’re done cooking, make sure the kitchen surfaces are all shining clean. That way, you will have less to do later, and you can utilize the kitchen for serving. Prep as much food as you can earlier in the day, so that when guests are there, you just have to pull dishes out of the fridge or oven (where they are warming).

Buffet style serving makes your job easier, and lets your guests feel at home. With a clean kitchen, you can use your counter space, and even your stovetop as a serving station, allowing your guests the freedom to portion for themselves while saving space at your dining table.

Thanks for reading our tips for hosting a holiday dinner in your small home. 

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