When you’re hosting guests in a small space, having the right guest bed is crucial. A folding guest bed is a great way to save space in your small home while providing the cozy atmosphere for your guests. Here are 4 perfect and stylish beds for small spaces that your guests will love.

1. Rollaway beds for small spaces

Rollaway beds

A simple folding bed option, rollaway beds come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They are great if you have some extra storage space in your home where you can keep your rollaway bed when guests are not in town. Depending on your rollaway bed model choices, the mattress quality and cost varies greatly. We recommend doing your research, and taking a look at our Mobile Beds, a stylish and comfortable form of a rollaway bed.

2. Futon folding beds

Futons are a great convertible bed option—they fold into a sofa when you’re not hosting guests, and fold out into a flat surface for sleeping when your friends or family are in town. Futons are on the cheaper end of your folding bed options, most of the time, and are very versatile. We recommend using futons for younger guests, as the bedding is often not ideal and may be a problem for those who have trouble sleeping, or who might wake up with back pain.

3. Mobile folding guest beds

mobile beds for small spaces

Mobile beds are a fantastic folding guest bed solution. They offer the benefits of a rollaway bed, and then they fold into a beautiful finished wood cabinet when they are not in use. That means you don’t have to store them in an extra room in your small home—they will look great in your living room or guest room. They also come with a memory foam mattress specially designed for Wallbeds ‘N’ More.

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4. Wall beds / Murphy beds 

Wall beds are drop-down guest beds that remain hidden until you need them. When they are hidden, wall beds take up a minimal amount of space. They can also feature a shelf, desk or other multi-use component when they are closed. Wall beds are a good way to turn a guest room into a multi-purpose room, provided your small home does have a guest room. Interested in a wall bed solution for your guest room? Browse our in-stock wall beds.

Thanks for reading our 4 folding guest bed ideas for small spaces! We enjoy helping you better host your houseguests. 

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