Decorating a guest room can be fun because the room isn’t used as frequently; you can focus on aesthetics and a theme, rather than practicality for daily use. It’s important to make the room feel spacious and cozy for your guests, while giving it a unified look. When it comes to adding in a mobile bed, you can decorate it in many ways to impress your visitors. Here is a list of decorating ideas for your mobile bed:

1. Place a lamp or candles to create ambiance

Nothing sets the tone of a room better than candles or a perfectly lit lamp. Either of these forms of lighting can gives a room a specific ambiance or mood. For example, dimly lit candles can create a warm & cozy feeling to a room.

[Image provided by Pinterest]

As you can see in this example, the combination of lamp and candle on the dresser gives the room a calm & relaxed feel.

2. Add plants to make the room look lively

Plants have been known to reduce stress and maintain a positive vibe in workplaces, so why wouldn't you want to create that effect for your guests? Placing flowers on top of your mobile bed can make the room livelier. In addition, certain types of flowers can produce a pleasant smell, adding to the personality of the room.

[Image provided by Pinterest]

Here is an example of a dresser drawer with several colorful flowers placed on top which compliments the color of the dresser and the surrounding decor pieces.

If there isn’t enough natural light entering the room then a colorful fake plant can work. However, some people argue that fake plants can give off a "dead vibe" so having a fake plant is a matter of personal choice.

3. Picture frames above the mobile bed to add charm

Considered a staple in home decorating, picture frames add charm to a room since they can display anything from family photos, memories, quotes, and art. Make sure the art and the picture frame compliment each other with your mobile bed or else they will look out of place. Here is a perfect example of pictures & frames matching with the dresser.

[Image provided by Pinterest]

It's important to note that having too many picture frames on top of a mobile bed can make it look cluttered or messy. Try to keep the amount of pictures on top to only a few to give it a clean, minimal look.

4. Place books on top of the mobile bed to add character

Nothing adds sophistication to a room like a stack of books for your guests. Whether they actually read them or not, it adds character to a room and provides an optional form of entertainment. This example shows how a set of books can add taste to the mobile bed it's on. 

[Image provided by Pinterest]

Bookends, like the mineral rock one above, come in a variety of styles and themes to choose from. Having a cool bookend to match the theme and color of your mobile bed is a bonus that adds to the style of the room.

Bonus Tip: Paint it to compliment the theme of the room

If your guest room has colored walls or a theme, you can match your mobile bed to the colors that you already use in the room. You can either sand and paint the mobile bed or use Chalk paint. Make sure to compliment the colors of the bedroom with the mobile bed as well as put matching decor on top of it. Painting a mobile bed isn't difficult (be sure to prime it first) if you know the artistic direction to take the room in.

[Image provided by Pinterest]

Here is an example of a chest drawer painted to the style of a beach theme. As you can see, the decorator painted the drawer blue like the ocean with a whale sketched in white. In addition, they added novelty decor items including a rope, glass jars, and a sailing picture to create a strong nautical theme.

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