Transforming an extra room into a guest bedroom is a great way to accommodate visitors at your house, however, one of the issues most homeowners face is trying to utilize the space in that ‘extra’ room. It can be tough to find furniture that can fit in a small room, let alone place it in a way that feels welcoming and comfortable rather than claustrophobic for your guest.

Here are some ideas you can work with when trying to maximize space in a small spare room:

1. Attach shelves to wall to replace bookshelves & headboards 

Mounted shelves have become a popular piece of furniture for modern-style homes in the past couple years. They have replaced the traditional bulky bookshelves that would take up an entire wall of a room. With a wall-mounted set of shelves, you can place your books, clothing, picture frames or home décor items without sacrificing floor space.

2. Mount storage cabinets to wall to replace nightstand & standing closets

If your guest room isn’t large enough to fit a nightstand then a wall-mounted cabinet is a useful alternative. Nightstands usually occupy the space next to a bed where people typically put an alarm clock, a picture frame or a phone on it. A wall-mounted cabinet can hold those items as well as additional items such as clothing, medicine, documents, emergency items, and more.

3.Roll in a Mobile Bed 

Beds typically occupy a majority of space in a guest room and people tend to sacrifice room space for a large comfy bed or settle for a single bed, which isn’t too spacious to sleep on. A Mobile Bed offers a 2-in-1 solution to this problem as it serves as a decorative chest of drawers during the day and a bed at night. The mobile bed folds out horizontally to reveal a mattress inside, which comes in either a Queen or Full-sized mattress. In addition, a mobile bed comes with wheels attached to the bottom so you can transport it easily to different locations in the room or house.

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