Taking a cue from minimalist interior design and the space-saving tiny house trend, folding beds and other folding furniture are looking great and working harder for you in 2017. With new sleek designs, they can fit any interior design goals for small spaces. Let’s take a look at some of your options, and consider how they will work in your home. 

Bookshelf, chair & table combination

Space saving bookshelf

This bookshelf from Orla Reynolds also serves as storage space for chairs and tables, which gives you a ton of options for how to arrange furniture in your home. When you’re not using them, the tables and chairs add color to the simple white bookshelf. The pieces are modular, so they can stay as one unit or be stored in different rooms. The only downside is that the chairs do not include cushioning and do not adjust to fit your posture.

Mobile Folding Beds

Folding bed that saves space

A mobile bed looks like a fine finished wood cabinet when stowed away, and is able to fold out easily for sleeping whenever you and your guests need it. With a memory foam mattress, mobile folding beds are a great solution for hosting guests in a small home, offering both comfort and versatility. They also come in a variety of colors.

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All-in-one bedroom solutions

Living cube space-saving bed

All-in-one furniture pieces, like The Living Cube, are a growing trend for city dwellers. They are a quick and easy solution for small apartments, especially studio spaces. By combining a bed with convenient and long-term storage, you are able to streamline your home experience. 

Sleek folding furniture

Folding chairs save space

Folding furniture is no longer limited to card tables and event chairs. We’re seeing plenty of great folding furniture ideas and designs that save space and look fantastic. From slim, finished wooden folding chairs to folding desks and more, watch for modular folding furniture in the New Year. Take a look at our recent post about multi-purpose furniture for more ideas!

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