When people hear the word "Futon bed" they generally associate it with college or a bed that you get when you move into your first apartment. That's because futon beds are a cheap mattress option for anybody on a budget.

A futon bed is a popular guest bed because it is a couch and seating area by day, but can be opened up into a bed at night. Although it is great to have a multipurpose bed, it can lack in comfort when compared to a sofa as well as a real bed.  

Futon Bed Pros:

  • A futon mattress weighs a lot less than a sofa bed so it’s easy to move to different locations
  • The mattress can be folded sideways to turn into a couch during the day
  • Futons are usually covered in a removable covering which you can wash and clean it easily

Futon bed cons:

  • The 'mattress' is often very firm (to hold it's shape) or else lumpy
  • It has an irritating crease where the futon folds that can annoy sleepers
  • The futon takes up a lot of floor space and is hard to disguise as anything else

Is there a better guest bed option?

While getting a futon can save you money, it’s not an ideal mattress to invest in the long term. A futon takes up a lot of space for a guest room and it can be seen as a "cheap" piece of furniture. There are other bed types that can save you money as well as save space such as a murphy bed which looks like a cabinet by day but can be transformed into a bed at night by pulling it down from the wall. Our favorite is the mobile bed, which looks like a chest when not in use and has wheels for easy transportation. What is so great about a mobile bed? Read about these space saving guest beds to see if they are right for you.