Finding the right bed frame is a challenge whether you’re a college student moving into a new apartment or a homeowner looking to add a bed to your spare room. You have to consider several factors such as the cost, size, design, and ease of transport before buying one. Each type of bed has its benefits and if you’re looking to maximize bedroom space than a storage bed is a good fit for you.


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A storage bed is a type of bed that uses the space underneath your mattress to store whatever items you want. It works with a spring box built into the frame, which allows you to pull the mattress up from one side giving you access to the compartments underneath. Another variation of the storage bed is a drawer that slides out from underneath a mattress resting on slats.

Storage beds may or may not be the right fit for you depending on several factors, including the size of the bedroom or the cost of the bed itself. Here is a list of the pros and cons of adding a storage bed to your guest bedroom:


  • Storage beds maximize your bedroom space by providing extra storage under the mattress - and it’s hidden!
  • The bed frame prevents other clutter or objects from drifting under the bed, making the room easier to clean.
  • Storage beds are made by many different manufacturers in a variety of different styles - you can choose the style and type that best fits your room. They are available in all types of interior styles, from traditional wooden frames to minimalist modern designs.


  • Storage beds are big and heavy, and especially once they are filled with stuff, are not very portable.
  • Storage beds with pull out drawers have limited placement options you have to be able to open the drawers fully.
  • They can be difficult to transport through doors, hallways and tight corners, a difficulty for people who move frequently from one apartment to the next.
  • While they do provide storage space underneath the mattress, they do take up too much floor space than a real bed. This may be an issue for buyers who are looking for a bed to place in a small spare room like an office or a hobby room.
  • Storage beds are inefficient as guest beds that are only used a few times a year

Storage Bed Overview

In summary, storage beds are a good way to save bedroom space and they make it easier for you to clean around the the bed as opposed to under it. However, they do take up just as much space as a real bed does and they can be a pain to transport to a house as well as within a house. If you’re looking for a space saving bed that is easy to move but doesn’t take up your bedroom when not in use, check out the mobile bed!

Looking for a bed that’s easy to move?

Wallbeds "n" More's Mobile Bed may be the solution for you. Mobile beds maximize space by folding up to create a smaller footprint. Although they don’t contain room for storage, they fold up to a fraction of the size of a normal bed so you can use other storage options. They arrive at your door fully assembled with built-in wheels that allow you to easily transport it throughout your house. Unlike the storage bed, our mobile beds fold into a beautiful ornamental chest and can be used as a piece of décor in your spare room. It is also available in Full or Queen to better accommodate your guests.