Folding bed, trundle bed, sofa bed, chair bed, and so on. Who knew guest beds came in so many varieties! If you’re in the market for a guest bed, I’m sure you’ve noticed the huge array of options laid out before you. What do each of these mean, and are they right for your space?


Trundle Bed

A trundle bed looks like a twin bed, but can be opened up to accommodate two sleepers. When stowed, the two mattresses stack on top of each other and the secondary mattress (which is a little smaller) is completely hidden under the main mattress. Depending on the type of trundle bed, the secondary mattress can slide out like a drawer or can be unfolded next to the main mattress at the same height.


Storage Bed

A storage bed is a bed with built-in under bed storage. This can be drawers built into the bed frame, or in some cases, the entire mattress flips on a hinge to reveal storage underneath. These beds are useful if you have a dedicated guest room that you would also like to use for storage while keeping the room neat.


Roll Away / Folding Bed

Roll Away or folding beds are mattresses on a steel frame that fold in half and can be rolled from room to room. If you’ve ever had to add an extra bed to your hotel room, it was probably a folding bed. These portable guest beds allow you to convert any room in your house into a temporary guest room.


Cabinet Bed / Mobile Bed

A cabinet or mobile bed is like a folding bed, except instead of a steel frame, the mattress folds into a wooden cabinet. Like the roll away bed, a cabinet bed can also be rolled into any room to make an instant guest room.


Sofa Bed / Chair Bed

A sofa bed is a mattress that folds into couch. Once folded up, it looks and feels like a regular couch. Likewise, a chair bed is a smaller version of a sofa bed and opens to reveal or twin or full sized bed.


Futon Bed

A futon bed is similar to a sofa bed in concept, but instead of folding a mattress into the seat of the couch, the futon mattress becomes the seat. When the frame is folded up, the mattress folds over it to become seating. Unlike sofa beds which can disguise a mattress fairly well, futons beds are pretty easy to spot.


Murphy Bed / Wallbed

A murphy bed or wallbed is bed that folds up vertically against a wall inside a cabinet. Unlike most other beds that fold out of the way, the mattress does not need to be bend or folded, eliminating lumps on the mattress. Depending on the type of murphy bed, there can be a desk, table or couch available when the bed is folded up.