Downsizing to a smaller house is a popular trend these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up style and comfort. If you have a tiny bedroom, here are a few ways to make the most of your space without having to knock out any walls.

Maximize wall space

Make a small room look larger by clearing off the floor space and taking full advantage of your vertical space. For example, you can mount shelves on the wall over your headboard or along the wall next to your bed. This will provide some storage space for your things without taking up any more floor space, and can take the place of a nightstand. A longer shelf along one side of your bed can even serve as a desk if you don’t mind sitting on your bed to use it!

Double duty furniture

Is your furniture working as hard as you are? Having furniture that serves multiple purposes can make small spaces more efficient. A small desk next to your bed can be used as both a desk and a nightstand. A cleverly placed shelving unit can be both storage and a room divider. An ottoman can provide style, seating and storage in a small room. For the ladies, a freestanding or wall-mounted jewelry box with mirrored door can be both mirror and jewelry case.

Under bed storage

Stuffing boxes under the bed is a no-brainer, but how you store things can affect how easy it is to find your belongings afterwards. You can use clear plastic under-bed boxes that make it possible to see where everything is. You can also use bed extenders to increase the height under your bed and maybe fit a few plastic drawers underneath. If you want a more elegant solution, there are many options for bed stands with built-in drawers that are both functional and attractive. 

Mobile Bed

The smallest bedroom in your house is often the guest bedroom, yet the largest piece of furniture in your spare bedroom is most likely the bed itself. There are many options for beds including trundle beds and futons, but each takes up quite a lot of valuable floor space when not in use. In addition, futons work as acceptable couches and acceptable beds, but who really enjoys sleeping on them? A fantastic alternative is the mobile wallbed, a guest bed available in both full or queen, that folds up into a chest to create the smallest footprint possible.

Unlike futons or sofa beds, mobile wallbeds use high quality mattresses that offer a great night’s sleep in addition to saving space and they are easy to setup in just a minute!

Watch our video on how to use the portable mobile wallbed to save space in your small bedroom.