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Minimalist Guest Bedroom Ideas: Wow Guests With These Interior Design Tips

Your guest bedroom is more than a convenient space where friends and family can stay when they are in town overnight. A guest bedroom is where your guests will go to have their own space, and they deserve a restful, peaceful stay. 

Our guest bedroom ideas, inspired by minimalist interior design, will give your guests a relaxing overnight stay!

Stick to the Guest Bedroom Basics

When it comes to guest bedroom ideas, it’s important to keep your furniture and decoration choices simple. You might have an attachment to a specific painting or set of knick-knacks, but your guests will feel more at-ease if the walls and surfaces are not cluttered. We recommend keeping one major piece of furniture or decoration per wall.

Also, center the guest room’s focus on the bed. A comfortable bed is what your guests want most!

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Invest in High Quality Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture will give both you and your overnight guests more control over how the space is used. Do you want to use your guest bedroom as a home gym or home office when guests are not in town? From a folding desk, which can be stowed away to offer more space when it is not in use, to our folding mobile beds, the right furniture can offer new options for how you use your space. 

Smart Guest Room Storage Solutions 


It’s easy to let a guest bedroom turn into storage space. Your guest room can seem like the perfect place for anything from off-season clothes to holiday decorations. However, when you have a guest in town, they should not have to maneuver around boxes and bins!

If we’re being realistic, you will likely have some items in storage in your guest bedroom. The trick is to use clever storage organization to make your things easy to move and to hide! Consider using furniture that has storage capacity for smaller items. For larger items, utilize closet space and stay organized with the right sized storage bins.

Looking for more ideas? Check out these 10 smart storage ideas from Apartment Therapy.

Make Your Guest Bedroom Feel Like a Getaway

Think about what appeals to you in a temporary bedroom. Hotels and bed & breakfasts, for instance, offer an array of amenities that make guests feel welcome. What make you feel welcome? How would you respond to your own guest bedroom?

Taking a cue from the professionals, stick to simple additions that make a big difference in how you see the room. A small basket of toiletries, for instance, can show guests that you’re being a thoughtful host. A desk or small workspace will give them the option of using your guest bedroom for work or down-time!

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How Folding Guest Beds Beat Sofa Beds Every Time for Comfort & Convenience

When you’re choosing a guest bed for your home, you want a comfortable bed that will also save space when you’re not hosting guests. One common solution is a sofa bed. They seem great—versatile, useful when you’re not hosting, and you want a couch anyway. The problem is sofa bed almost always makes a better sofa than a guest bed. 

Folding Guest Bed Comfort

Comfort is too often overlooked when considering guest beds. We spend so much time considering how to fit a guest bed into a home, and how to set up the guest room or living room, that the mattress and frame comfort go unnoticed. But you want overnight guests to have comfortable, uninterrupted sleep!

Our folding mobile beds come with specially designed memory foam mattresses that were built with comfort in mind! The memory foam is made with a high-quality, high-density polyurethane 50D foam core that keeps the mattress at the perfect balance between firmness and softness. 

Want to learn more? Take a look at our mobile folding beds information page

Easy to Use Folding Beds 

Our folding beds are versatile. That means it will be much easier to set up and stow away a folding bed than a sofa bed. As your interior design choices change, and you re-arrange your rooms over time, our folding beds will look great wherever you place them. They change with you! 

Mobile folding beds are also easy to set up and stow away. Our mobile beds can roll into any room, and then fold out in 4 easy steps. Putting them back is just as easy.

Our mobile beds also look like a stylish cabinet when they are not in use, so they will fit your interior design aesthetic. Choose from a range of finishes for the perfect guest bed for your home!

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New to Your Small Apartment? Apartment Warming Party Ideas

Small apartment warming party

You’re excited about your new apartment, so of course you want to throw an apartment warming party that will be fun for you and your guests. Hosting a party in a small apartment is not as difficult as it might seem. With these apartment warming party ideas, you’ll cover all the bases and have a successful party to celebrate your new home. 

Make sure you know what your guests are bringing

Planning is crucial, and in a small apartment, you won’t be able to store large items from each guest—they will simply pile up and consume space. Communicate with your guests directly or create a list of needed items that you can share with them. Clear space on surfaces and in your refrigerator ahead of time, so that you don’t have to scramble as your guests arrive.

Best small apartment furniture

If you’re still buying furniture for your new small apartment, consider multipurpose and folding furniture options. With multipurpose furniture, you can maximize a small space, and re-arrange easily for your apartment warming party. To learn more about multipurpose furniture options, take a look at our previous post: 5 Multi Purpose Furniture Pieces for Style & Functionality in Your Small Space.

If you regularly host overnight guests in your small apartment, and are looking for the perfect guest bed, learn more about our folding Mobile Beds, which fold out easily and look great in your room when they are not in use—better than a futon or rollaway bed! 

Organize & de-clutter

Before everyone shows up for your apartment party, get your apartment ready. Preparation can mean the difference between confusion and ease when your guests arrive. Place any loose items—books, electronics, jackets, bags, etc.—in a storage closet or in a room that your guests won’t be using.

Also, move unnecessary furniture to the side of the room or even out of the room entirely. Switch our chairs at your dining table for benches—it will fit more guests in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere.

Spread out food and drinks on different tables 

Your guests will naturally talk in small groups, so organize your apartment party around several smaller tables, rather than serving food on a single table or counter. End tables, coffee tables, and your dining table can all be put to work to hold your apartment party’s refreshments! 

Small apartment party ideas

Use walls and ceiling for decorations

Keep your decorating simple, and utilize vertical space so that you don’t clutter up the surfaces in your apartment. For instance, you can unpack your white holiday lights and string them along the entrance doorway for a casual but elegant mood. Or, hang a banner along the longest wall in the room where you will be hosting your apartment warming party.

Thanks for reading our apartment warming party ideas! It’s not always easy hosting guests in a small apartment. If you occasionally host overnight guests, take a look at our mobile beds. They are a great folding bed option for small apartments!

4 Folding Guest Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

When you’re hosting guests in a small space, having the right guest bed is crucial. A folding guest bed is a great way to save space in your small home while providing the cozy atmosphere for your guests. Here are 4 perfect and stylish beds for small spaces that your guests will love.

1. Rollaway beds for small spaces

Rollaway beds

A simple folding bed option, rollaway beds come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They are great if you have some extra storage space in your home where you can keep your rollaway bed when guests are not in town. Depending on your rollaway bed model choices, the mattress quality and cost varies greatly. We recommend doing your research, and taking a look at our Mobile Beds, a stylish and comfortable form of a rollaway bed.

2. Futon folding beds

Futons are a great convertible bed option—they fold into a sofa when you’re not hosting guests, and fold out into a flat surface for sleeping when your friends or family are in town. Futons are on the cheaper end of your folding bed options, most of the time, and are very versatile. We recommend using futons for younger guests, as the bedding is often not ideal and may be a problem for those who have trouble sleeping, or who might wake up with back pain.

3. Mobile folding guest beds

mobile beds for small spaces

Mobile beds are a fantastic folding guest bed solution. They offer the benefits of a rollaway bed, and then they fold into a beautiful finished wood cabinet when they are not in use. That means you don’t have to store them in an extra room in your small home—they will look great in your living room or guest room. They also come with a memory foam mattress specially designed for Wallbeds ‘N’ More.

Learn more about mobile folding guest beds today!

4. Wall beds / Murphy beds 

Wall beds are drop-down guest beds that remain hidden until you need them. When they are hidden, wall beds take up a minimal amount of space. They can also feature a shelf, desk or other multi-use component when they are closed. Wall beds are a good way to turn a guest room into a multi-purpose room, provided your small home does have a guest room. Interested in a wall bed solution for your guest room? Browse our in-stock wall beds.

Thanks for reading our 4 folding guest bed ideas for small spaces! We enjoy helping you better host your houseguests. 

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