The perfect solution for a movable, extra guest bed.

The Mobile Bed is a unique, portable alternative to our Murphy Wallbed. It's available in Full and Queen sizes, requires no installation at all and is ready to use as soon as it arrives at your door. It is an attractive cabinet available in several elegant finishes. This spare bed is extremely easy to use; it folds opens like an clam shell (both sides drop down) to reveal a very comfortable Visco foam mattress. The stylish cabinet exterior, innovative fold up, Visco foam mattress (specially designed by Wallbeds "n" More for this purpose) and ease of use will amaze your guests and provide them with an extremely comfortable night's rest.

Mobile Beds are the perfect choice to bring an extra bed into your spare room, home office or even your family room. They are more comfortable than competing products and will provide your guests with a great night’s sleep.

  1. You simply roll this portable bed to where you want it setup.
  2. Unfold each side of the cabinet and open the mattress.
  3. Make the bed using standard sized sheets and bedding. 
  4. It is ready for your guests!

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